May 30, 2008

Hatsumeika (Inventor)

Practicing female character drawing
It's really difficult.....mmm

This character is girl's inventor for fighting game (Maybe)

She is 18 years old
She doesn't fight by herself
She uses her invention when she fights
maybe it will be "Android"

Color sample ver1

Color sample ver2

I need to draw "Android" character for her next time


Frank said...

i think the blue works better.
do you have a filter ontop of the whole thing?

i'd change the hand on the left, it's too straight on.
tangent with the hair and pencil, hair and sleeve.
glasses and hair.
right side boot and coat.

also, i'd soften the light quality of the bottom of her jacket on the left side. I just notice you used a little trick for the line quality, but i think you should still look out for these things.

cool character!

MAA said...

Thanks Frank!!

Your comment is really helpful
I need critique from somebody since I don't have any class...hehehe