April 04, 2008

After Hours

Project of making Game Characters for "After Hours"

Bret: City type

Jack: Psychotic homeless guy

Thumper: Retarded man mountain

Earl: Redneck trucker

Josh: Barman

Jones: Vietnam veteran

Journey to the West

Character for Journey to the West
(Inspiration from Traditional Chinese story)

urnJourney to the WestJo(From Traditional Chainese Story)

Scene of Journey to the West
(Inspiration From Traditional Chinese Story)


Project of Body Slam
Illustration for New wrestling Animation

Line work
Color study
Water color

Finish piece
Photo shop

The Wind in the Willows

Project of The Wind in the Willows

Line Works

Color Rough

Finish Piece in Acrylic on Canvas board

Bired King

Project of Bored King

Line work in Pencil

Finish Piece in Acrylic on Canvas board

Rock vs Classic

Project of Rock vs Classic

Line work in Pencil

Color study in Acrylic

Finish piece in Acrylic on Canvas board

Fun Digital

Fools on the ship
Pencil & Photo shop



Pen & Photo shop

Samurai in the Kitchen
Pen & Photo shop

Picture Book Illustration

Illustration for Pinocchio
Water Color on Paper

Illustration for Story of Suck a Thumb
Photo shop

Japanese Old Movie Poster

Japanese Old Movie Poster Style
Acrylic on Iron Plate


Japanese Major League Player
Water Color

Layout Designs

Project of Diner
Underwater Diner

Project of Radio Shop
Radio Repair Shop

Project of Book Store
Antique Book Store

Project of Fairy's Room
Fashion Designer Fairy's Room


Japanese famous general
Sumi ink on paper
Friend's Baby
Pastel on Paper

April 03, 2008