June 30, 2008

Omedetai !!

I went to my friend's wedding ceremony at NAPA !
It was Beautiful and Happy !!

Congratulation Tomoyuki & Mariko.

Tomoyuki is working at Dream Works.
His Coworkers celebrate the wedding!

Happily Ever After

June 11, 2008


I Watched Dream Works film "Kung fu Panda"
Then...I really wanted to draw PANDA and Kung fu!

I Created the story, and draw characters from story.

Baby Panda started to learn KUNG FU.

Panda Mom....She will be killed....unfortunately...

Older Sister one of the Main Characters
her name is "Ran" for now

Younger Brother...named "Yin".

June 02, 2008

Line up

Size reference between two characters

I want to draw PANDA now
I had chance to watch the movie called "Kung Fu PANDA" before it's started
The movie was really AWESOME!!!

I will try Panda now

Jinzoo Ningen (Android)

I draw the android character for previous character
This character is made by inventor character
She uses her sister for the model of android, who died already....


Digital Painting