October 13, 2008

Pinocchio & Cricket

After Geppetto is dead
Pinocchio took over father's job.

Pinocchio created his side-kick cricket by himself.


Frank said...

i love the mask!!

he should ride the cricket like a motorcycle~!!!!!
i can totally see handlebars on it!

I'd add little lines to his hands to show that they are man made.

really cool characters!

MAA said...


Cool like your idea

I will change it sometime soon!

Mark Simmons said...

Keep these coming, they're great!

I can hear an imaginary Stephen Player - a little Jiminy Cricket-style voice inside my head - suggesting that you emphasize Pinocchio's puppet origins. The wood grain on his face is a nice touch, but Frank's suggestion of mannequin joint lines is worthy trying. Other options might include "molded" hair and shorter sleeves or pant legs to show off his puppet-ish limbs.

The cricket's great, and I love the ideas you're coming up with for these. Can't wait to see what's next!

MAA said...

Thanks Mark and your little cricket.

Year! I am sure I will change Pinocchio into more wood puppet.

Thanks again that you show us your portfolio! we were so excited to see that.

Dusty said...

this is wicked Masa! Great values, great idea, great design. I agree with Frank and Mark, it might be neat to play up his roots a bit more. If this is going to be part of a sci-fi setting you could even give him a mechanical limb which looks like a puppets limb or something. Great job.