September 29, 2008

Akazukin& Okami

I had an Idea for fighting game.
Characters from different fairy tale fight each other.

First one is famous "Little Red Riding Hood with Wolf"

"rough sketch"

"line work"

next character will be "Snow White" or "Pinocchio"


Mark Simmons said...

Great idea! The color treatment is really cool too (love the background texture).

Does Red Riding Hood have any offensive abilities? I imagine her picnic basket could contain all kinds of nasty surprises.

Looking forward to the Hansel and Gretel tag-team!

MAA said...

Thanks Mark.

Red Riding Hood is just little innocent girl hahaha, but look at her basket!! She has a bottle of drag that make Wolf hyper!

Also she could make several drag as a Aphrodisiac...I want one.

Mark Simmons said...

Potion dispensing as a fighting technique, eh? I like it! Now we know who's really in charge of this team. :-)