June 02, 2008

Line up

Size reference between two characters

I want to draw PANDA now
I had chance to watch the movie called "Kung Fu PANDA" before it's started
The movie was really AWESOME!!!

I will try Panda now


Mónico Chávez said...

Sup Masa. Cute girls.

Ry guy said...

segui kakko yokute kawaii! had a little help from nobes there.. they remind me of megaman.. only, dr. light looks like roll now and roll is a sexy combination of plastic, plasma, and silicon.. delicious.

MAA said...

Hey Monico! How you beeeen?
Thanks for visiting my Blog!

MAA said...

Ryan thats want I want !!

I am trying to draw JAPANESE STYLE right now. specifically CAPCOM way!

I love Plastic& Plasma